Setting the Stage

The right organization for sustained advantage

  • Over time organizations can become complacent and rely too heavily on incremental changes and innovation – This leads to Red Ocean battles with the competition.
  • Shifting the culture of a group or organization requires an understanding of where you are starting.
  • 4Sight has tools to help walk you though an organizational analysis, identify areas of weakness and plan improvements.

Gathering the Data

Data driven approach

  • Market analyses – Projections and forecasts for your industry and adjacencies.
  • Competitive analyses – Your position in the market
  • Price to value – Price positioning in the eyes of your customers.
  • Technological assessment – Industry parity and projections

Generating the Ideas

Immersion sessions to spin up the idea factory

  • Product visioning
  • Adjacencies
  • Technology advancement
  • New business models
  • Evaluation and RWW analyses

Creating the Path

Turning Ideas Into Action

  • Segment incremental and breakthrough opportunities – Innovate in the most beneficial way and logical order
  • Prioritize given the 70-20-10 rule
  • Lay out timelines driven by the necessary outcomes not the current limitations
  • Create requirements for next-gen and breakthrough products

Executing the Plan

Now the fun begins

  • Deploy organizational adjustments
  • Halt low value development and redeploy to strategically aligned activities
  • Close innovation and technical gaps required to execute the roadmap
  • Begin rapid product development cycle knowing the probability of market success has been maximized

4Sight leverages the right tool and processes to efficiently and cost effectively develop new products